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Sixth Judicial District Court

Anatomy of a Trial
What Happens in a Civil Case
What Happens in a Criminal Case
Rules for Trial Setting
Rules for Filing Court Pleadings
Filing Fee Schedule
Magistrates Commission
Small Claims
The "People's Court"
How to File or Defend a Case in Small Claims Court
How to Collect a Small Claims Judgement
District Court
Grand Jury Proceedings
To Cope with Parents Living Apart, Children Need...
Child Development and Parents who Don't Live Together
Introduction to Mediation
How Ready am I for Mediation?
Parenting Plan Agreement
Recommended Books to Read
Domestic Abuse Information
Idaho Child Support Guidelines: sections 8(b) and 8(c)
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence is a Crime
Idaho Domestic Violence Programs
Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence
Characteristics of a Batterer
Are You Headed For Disaster?
Domestic Violence Reading Material
Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
Facts on Abuse
Profile of a Battered Woman
Characteristics of a Battering Relationship
Is My Relationship Abusive?
Why Do Women Stay?
Lethality Checklist
Escape Plan Checklist
Protection Order Advisor Program
Court Trials in Infraction Cases
Reinstatement Requirement - Uninsured Motorist Suspensions
You Have Been Charged - What Happens Now (brief)
You Have Been Charged - What Happens Now (detailed)
DUI Evaluator Directory
Alcolol and Drug Education Programs
Anger Management Programs
Juvenile Corrections Act
What Parents Should Know About...
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