Domestic Violence Reading Material

Resources for Battered Women

Bowker, L. H., Ending the Violence: a guidebook based on the experiences of 1,000 battered women (Holmes Beach, FL: Learning Publications, 1986)
Cantrell, L., Into the Light: a guide for battered women (Edmonds, WA: The Chas. Franklin Press, 1986)
Lobel, K., (Editor) Naming The Violence: speaking out about lesbian battering (Seattle, WA: The Seal Press, 1982)
Nicarthy, G., The Ones Who Got Away: women who left abusive partners (Seattle, WA: The Seal Press, 1987)
Nicarthy, G., Getting Free: a handbook for women in abusive relationships (Seattle, WA: The Seal Press, 1982)
Norwood, Robin, Women Who Love Too Much: defines the problem of relationship addiction (Pocket Books Div. of Simon and Schuster, 1985)
Norwood, Robin, Letters From Women Who Love Too Much: a closer look at relationship addiction and recovery (Pocket Books Div. of Simon and Schuster, 1988)
Zambrano, M., Mejor Sola Que Mal Acompanada: para la mujer golpeada/for the Latina in an abusive relationship [bilingual English/Spanish] (Seattle, WA: The Seal Press, 1985)

Battered Women's Movement

Schecter, S., Women And Male Violence: the visions and struggles of the battered women's movement (Boston: South End Press, 1982)

General Information

Fedders, C. and Elliot, L., Shattered Dreams: the story of Charlotte Fedders (New York: Harper and Row, 1987)
Martin, D., Battered Wives (New York: Pocket Books, 1976)
Switzer, M. and Hale, K., Called to Account: the story of one family's struggle to say no to abuse (Seattle, WA: The Seal Press, 1987)

Domestic Violence and Religion

Bingham, C. F., (Editor) Doorway to Response: the role of clergy in ministry with battered women (Springfield, IL: Illinois Interfaith Committee Against Domestic Violence/Illinois Conference of Churches)
Bussert, J. M. K., Battered Women: from theology of suffering to an ethic of empowerment (New York; Lutheran Church in America, 1986)
Fortune, M., Keeping The Faith: questions and answers for the abused woman (San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1987)
Horton, A. L. and Williamson, J. A., (Editors) Abuse And Religion: when praying isn't enough (D. C. Heath)