Bannock County Prosecutor

 Criminal Prosecutions


Please visit our Victim Services page to access information about victim’s rights, restitution/damage claims, and resources available to victims.


Pursuant to Idaho Code 31-2227, the county prosecuting attorney is the primary duty of enforcing all the penal provision of any and all statutes of the state in any court is vested in the sheriff and the prosecuting attorney of each of the several counties.

The prosecuting attorney works primarily with the following law enforcement agencies:


The county prosecuting attorney’s office prosecutes felony and misdemeanor crimes. It also prosecutes juvenile delinquency and infraction cases, which are very similar to criminal proceedings, but are considered civil proceedings. Another type of proceeding the prosecutor’s office handles is the defense of civil cases which seek to overturn criminal convictions or sentences. Click on any of the links below to obtain more information about the following areas:

 Civil suits which are like criminal cases

 Civil suits to overturn criminal convictions and sentences

Post Conviction Relief Proceedings


The county prosecuting attorney has certain obligations with respect to requests from other states to have criminal defendants returned to that state and in getting criminal defendants returned to the State of Idaho. The prosecutor’s office works with the Idaho Governor’s Office and agencies from other jurisdictions in order to process the extraditions. This largely involves obtaining certified copies of various court documents and forwarding them to the jurisdiction that has the defendant in custody. You can learn more about extraditions at the Extraditions web page.