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Bannock County Dispatch Center

The Bannock County Communications Center currently consists of five full time dispatchers and one part time dispatcher, the supervisor is Capt. V. M. Sanders.

Our center is responsible for all 911 calls outside the city limits of Chubbuck and Pocatello in the Bannock County area. We dispatch several volunteer fire departments including, Pocatello Valley, Inkom, McCammon, Lava, Arimo and Downey, and when necessary, BLM and Forest Service. Bannock County also is responsible for dispatching Inkom Police Department.

When Bannock County receives any calls for medical assistance the call is immediately transferred to Pocatello dispatch. If possible we try to stay on line to determine if a Bannock County officer needs to assist with the call. Any calls for fires north of Pocatello are immediately transferred to Chubbuck dispatch.

Bannock County is responsible for dispatching Search and Rescue, they assist with traffic control during fires and accidents and with any extrication. Search and Rescue coordinates searches and assists the county in many ways, they also use the communication center in some instances to keep radio contact with team members.



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Bannock County Sheriff & Detention Center

5800 S. 5th Avenue Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Phone:  (208) 236-7123